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Editing Barcodes

Use the Barcode Settings button on the left of the Step Two View to add and edit barcodes on your label.

You are able add new, or change the existing barcodes. Code 128, ISMN, and QR Code barcode types are available.

To add a new barcode, make sure no barcode object is selected, and press the Add Barcode button.

To change the barcode symbology on your card, use the Barcode popup menu. Enter the desired data to he Barcode data field.

Switching to QR Code or symbology shows the Templates popup, and Address Book list. These controls allow to select a person whose data should be encoded as a QR code.

URL, EMail, SMS, and other Templates popup menu options set correspondent template to the Barcode data.

Visibility, Pin Barcode, Delete, Bar Color and Fill Color buttons are available when a barcode object is selected.

The barcode object behavior is different for newly added barcodes, and barcodes that already exist on template labels. The new barcode are acting as a single object. The Visibility, Delete, Bar and Fill Color can be applied to such a barcode.

On the contrary, the barcodes, that already exist on template labels can be located on more then one label element of the template. The Visibility, Pin Barcode, Bar and Fill Color can be applied to such a barcode object. When you make changes in such an object, set its Visibility, Bar and Fill color, you make this for all similar barcodes on all the label elements in current template. To disconnect a barcode on one label element from it’s copies on other label elements, use the Pin Image button. In this case, the Visibility, and Fill Color affect only the image object on the current label element.

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