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Welcome to the Revolver CD Cover

  The Revolver CD Cover is a disc label designer that helps you to create disc labels using the numerous design templates provided, and also various built-in label formats, clipart images.

  The image libraries used for either label background or image objects along with the pre-made design templates simplify the disc label creation process greatly, making it possible to finish the work in three steps:

1. Selecting a template,

2. Editing text, images, and background, then

3.Edit the label elements layout on a page, link designs to label elements and print

Main Features:
1. Import track lists from iTunes, Finder, and Text File,
2. Start with a pre-designed template,
3. Print to a wide array of label types
4. Multi-line text laid out in a circle,
5. Barcodes,
6. Wrap text around other objects.

  You can save your document as Revolver CD Cover document, to template, or export it in many graphic formats.



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