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Step Two View

  The Step Two view allows to edit the template, selected at Step One. The Step Two View contains the next parts:

  1. Label Area - the working area for the label design. It is located in the center of the Step Two View.

  2. Object Controls Area - the icons on the left of the Step Two View, allowing to edit all the objects available on the label.

  • Text Settings button, displays the Text Settings panel,
  • Image Settings button, displays the Image Settings panel,
  • Barcode settings button, displays the Barcode Settings panel,

  3. Design and Background controls

  • DICE button, displays the Ready Made Design panel,
  • SLOT button, displays the Background Variants panel.

  The Text, Image, and Barcode panels appear automatically when you select the correspondent object.

  4. The Labels Switch Area is the line of the controls with the icons that correspond to labels at the bottom of the Step Two View, that allows to switch between different label in the template selected.

  To proceed to Step Three, make the desired changes in the labels design, and use the PRINT button in the Steps Navigation Panel on the right of the document window.


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