Our program is simple, intuitive, and easy to use, but really effective cd dvd label maker program. We started the development of this software for creating cd dvd labels, covers, inserts, etc., with the idea that Revolver CD Cover will prove to be really powerful and effective.The product leads users through three easy steps to getting great designs. Features like iPhoto, Aperture, Photos and Photo Booth image access, iTunes tracks and artwork import, custom-labels, ready made templates, incorporated internet image search, design elements linked by contents, and more, make the product to be outstanding cd dvd label designer.


So, what is the advantage of using our program? The answer is obvious. The Revolver CD Cover is a great tool for both amateurs, who wish to get a great design with a couple of mouse clicks, and professional designers seeking high style, best colors and shapes as well. It allows to maintain the link between client vague ideas and thoughts, and designer conception and understanding of these ideas from the first minutes of the work.


The Revolver CD Cover offers you the best experience in cd and dvd discs, covers, labels design. The product is made as a wizard, that combines the libraries of ready made templates, image libraries for clipart and backgrounds, label formats for the label paper from leading manufacturers, advanced graphic options, best design tools and printing features.
The product is designed for individual efforts, and for professional work in studios as well. And also, Revolver CD Cover is a perfect tool for the beginners and fans of graphic design.

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