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We prepared a lot of great designs for all variants of boxes, discs and booklets. Each template is a bunch of design elements (disc, cover, insert, etc.), and is not just a set of text objects or images, but a complex system of interconnected objects united by their type. This structure makes it possible to change the contents of all the design elements in the same time by editing an object on a certain design element. You can also add new text, images or barcodes, or delete some of them. 



The templates are divided by their contents into several categories such as music, photos and home archives, etc. You can always find an appropriate template or change the existing one for the required task. Every template could be easily customized in several steps. The templates of the same category can also differ by their content. You may need a template that consists of text objects, or of images, and sometimes the mixed contents will be the best choice. Our program is a smart instrument, an provides all the variants.


The templates are divided by their purpose into several types such as jewel box, slim jewel box, disc business card, dvd disc slim box, etc. Each template is a set of design elements (disc, cover, insert, mini disc, etc.), and the contents of the set depends on the template type, and contains all the appropriate design elements. The Template Types menu contains all the available label types, and easily switches to the necessary type. 



The text properties panel appears once you choose any text block. Change the text manually, or import it from several sources. You can import it from a file, or get files list from selected folder, or import tacks from iTunes. Text  blocks can be assigned a type, such as Subtitle, Main Title, Prologue, etc. The text objects of the same type placed on different elements (disc, cover, etc,) are connected, and have the same contents. Editing such a object in one place, changes it in all the rest ones.


The work with images is similar to working with text. When you click on the image object the image properties panel opens automatically. All you have to do is to replace the image with a new one from your disc. Choose one from the desired location, or use iPhoto, Aperture, Photos and Photo Booth image access, iTunes tracks and artwork import, incorporated internet image search features.


The barcode tool with ISMN, QR Code, and Code 128 is embedded into the program. This option is useful for creating professional CD DVD label designs for commercial purposes. The QR Code can be used to connect your discs or covers to your web site, or online store, to an email signup, or bonus content, etc. If you plan on your CD or DVD to be sold in stores, then you'll need ISMN bar code.  Code 128 is a very effective symbology for encoding of alphanumeric data.


More than a million variants of original background designs can be created by our background constructor. We turned the boring part of creating beautiful backgrounds into fascinating entertainment. We applied the principle of a slot machine to generation of backgrounds. Everyone knows how amusement machines work. We brought the excitement of getting random variants into creating backgrounds for CD dvd label designs. You can just press a button and get the next surprising variant, or manually choose background components - everything is up to you!


Why did we set the dice icon on our button? Our goal is not only to be able to add a lot of background variants to each template, but also suggest users a number of ready layouts of design elements. These design elements can be texts, images and barcodes. So each template has up to twenty layouts, displayed once the user presses the DICE button. Just choose one of them, and start customizing it for your needs. Add or delete the design elements, change their contents with the text, image, or barcode tools described earlier.




The third and the last step of working with Revolver CD Cover is also very simple. The screen is divided into three parts. The left column contains the ready label designs, the center shows current page preview, where you add or edit your labels, select designs for then, and change label formats. The right side shows all the available printing options. Make the desired changes, and print your label design with the desired paper type.


The program offers you a set of label page formats for the label element you are going to print (disc, insert, cover, etc.) automatically. You may want to choose another paper format from the Label Format menu on the top of the window, and add it to existing paper set. Also, you can customize your label format, by moving, adding or deleting the label elements using the EDIT mode. 


Your designs can easily be printed, or saved as mac image format files. Our program allows you to create designs for commercial use, so the exported files can be sent to printing companies, or used as a design previews. Backgrounds consist of vector components that allow to preserve the best quality for images of any size. Saving as vector images (PDF) is the best choice. If you need raster format images for some purpose, TIFF, PNG, and other image formats are at your hand.





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